.30-06 Howell Basic

I have an unloaded .30-06 Howell Basic case headstamped “AHR HOWELL BASIC”. Who were “AHR”, who was “HOWELL”, and what were these cases made for? I seem to remember a thread on this but can’t find it. Thanks in advance for any info.

AHR is American Hunting Rifles. In Montana, USA. The basic case is just that, a basic case to be used in forming any cartridge with the '06 case head.


Thanks Ray, did they actually made these cases?


I really don’t know. I suspect they were made by one of the overseas case manufacturers. I got a bunch of them from Huntington’s several years ago. Some of the first were not headstamped and the quality left a lot to be desired.


Looking at the headstamp, it looks alot like Bertram Brass Co. of Australia.

Bertram would be a good guess.

Seems to me that I have some without the AHR in the headstamp.

BTW, Howell is Ken Howell. He designed several wildcats using the basic brass and got Ed Plummer in Montana to start making rifles. Ken is no longer with AHR, AFAIK.



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