.30-'06 ID help


I picked this up at a gun show today, and aside from a Winchester .30-'06 I am unsure what I have. The exposed tip appears to be copper and held in place with 3 spots of solder, neither the tip or main portion of the projectile are magnetic. Judging by the headstamp I assume it is a commercial loading but past that I can’t find anything. Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi Ken,

It is loaded with a Starkweather patent bullet (1077564.pdf). Early designation was “Pointed Soft Point” and boxes were also marked “(Pat. Nov. 4, 1913)”. Later, when the Staynless box was introduced, its designation changed to “Pointed Expanding” and the patent was not longer mentioned. The original weight was 150 gr, but they added a 180 gr variant in 1921.

From Winchester 1916 catalog:




Thank you Fede it is very much appreciated .