30-06 imformation requested


My book on the 30-06 by Chris? has taken to running away from home as of late. Who’s house it is living in at present is unknown to me. I just reread a story from Jack O’Connor in which he described shooting an elephant with factory loaded 220 grain fmj’s. I am unaware of who and when such a factory load was offered. Can anyone elighten me? Does anyone have a picture of such a box he would be willing to post? Thanks again.


My copy isn’t handy to answer your question, but I will give Chris PUNNETT a “shout out” and a free plug for any books he might have left.


See the post on .30-40 Krag boxes…one of the 220 grain FMJ bullets loaded in the .30-06 cartridge is the same as the ones used in the Krag…in identical boxes as shown in the post.




While you wait for your book to come home…

Per Mr. Punnett’s most excellent reference:

Remington: 220 gr. Full Jacket #R118XM Intro. Mid '20s, Disctd. 1939.
Western: 220 gr. FMJ Boat Tail #K1432c Intro. 1928, Disctd. 1940.
Western: 220 gr. FMJ Round-nose #K1493c Intro. 1939, Disctd. Early 40’s.
Winchester: 220 gr. FMJ Flat nose #K3060c, no dates given.



Thanks DAVE as always a fountain of knowledge. I prowl the net auctions regularly for many years now and have never seen a box for sale.