30-06 interesting bullet


Howdy, I have not seen this bullet type before and would like to know a little more about it ,headstamp is REM-UMC 30- 1903 , case as for 30-06, the bullet has a CN jacket with a Bronz/Copper cap with 2 holes in the sides of the cap which appear to be lead filled ,obviously a way to secure the cap to the jacket ,I would like to know this bullet type name and what year it appeared on the marlet , thanks randy


Hi, Randy…Sounds to me like you have an Umbrella Point bullet, probably appeared about 1914 or so, patent date on box for 30-40 Krag is June 9, 1914, they will be found with both GM cap as yours is or with tinned cap. You say…REM-UMC 30-1903, case as for .30-06…has your cartridge been cut to .30-06 length or is it .30-03 ? Anyway, Remington highly touted this bullet but it apparently was relatively short-lived as experience in the field showed the bullet to perform rather dismally as opposed to claims made by Remington. Hope this helps…Randy


From the discription I would say it is an “Umbrella Point” bullet. This bullet was designed by Frank Hoagland of U.M.C. and patented in 1914. The hollow copper cap covers a lead tip the two holes are, as you say, crimps to hold it in place. This design was inherited by Remington when the companys merged. I will take a SWAG and say that, going by the headstamp the round was loaded sometime between 1914-1917



You’ve described the Remington Umbrella Point bullet. It is described and illustrated in IAA JOURNAL #445. If you’re not an IAA member, you should be.

Since I wrote the article I can shamlessly plagarize, to wit.

Basically, the Umbrella Point was a very impractical bullet from the early 1900s that lasted only a few years. It consisted of a conventional soft-point bullet with a very large exposed lead tip that was fitted with a thin copper cap having two holes about mid point in the cap. When the bullet was swadged the lead core extruded through the holes and theoretically locked the cap to the bullet. In actual practice the cap sometimes fell off in the rifle’s magazine, or worse, in the barrel ahead of the bullet when the cartridge was chambered.

The Umbrella Point bullet can be found with either a CN and a GM jacket and with the cap tin plated or plain copper.



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Hi Randy , thanks to you and the other guys for their imput , and yes mine is a 30-06 with the 03 headstamp , Randy


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