.30-06 "LC 61 Match"

Here is a whole box of reloaded .30-06 ammo. Normally “LC 61 Match” is a regular brass, judging from internet pictures. Any reason to electroplate these cartridges in the time when .30-06 reloadable brass was cheap and readily available? The other rounds are “REM-UMC 30-06” and “R-P 30-06 SPRG”.

Are they plated or simply cleaned with an acidic solution. Some brass alloys will take on a frosty /slightly silvery appearance when cleaned with some solutions. Being reloads they have likely been through someones ultrasonic cleaner and left in a bit too long??

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Good point, I am assuming electrolysis treatment, I don’t know for sure.

Looks to me, from the pictures, that the were cleaned with the product “Case Brite,” which leaves a very dull yellow “finish” to the case.

John Moss

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