30-06 Links

Can you link experts out there tell me the proper designation for some links that I have. They are what I call closed loops. When assembled, the links fit on the cartridge upper body and neck. The design required the cartridge to be extracted from the rear and dropped into position for moving into the chamber for firing.

I can take a photo if necessary but I’m hoping my description is good enough.

What is the correct designation, what MG are they designed for, and what time period were they used.



Sounds like the kink used in a 1919A4. Is the smaller of the loops bottlenecked or straight? If bottlenecked, it will be for 30-06, if straight walled, for 7.62x51.



They are bottlenecked.

So, they are for the 1919a4. So do they have an official designation? And what time period would they most likely be from?

I forgot to mention that they are stamped WN. Could that be Winchester or Westinghouse or ?

Thanks for the quick answer.


The links are designated M1
Used in the 1919 machine gun. Here is a picture of them in the box:

WN = Western Newell Mfg. Co.

Most were made between '41 and '44.

Thanks for that great information.

I learned something new today. Link collectors collect boxes too.