.30-06 M1909 blank "FA 1 12"

I am trying to figure out if it is a regular blank or a grenade blank. And I am confused. Also, how to know the year of production. Was this blank manufactured in 1912 or made later from a 1912 cartridge? This is a live round. The more I read, the greater the doubts. Massive clouds hide the sun and my picture quality goes out in the rain.

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Regular M1909 Blank. Cannelure in neck to hold wad whilst lacquered.
Grenade Launcher and Rifle Grenades ( Viven-Bessier types) not introduced till 1917-18, and these used a Ball cartridge.

Doc AV

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C.Punnett on p.207 says: “The earliest grenade blanks were simply the M1909 blank with a special powder charge. The first was referred to as the Chemical Rifle Grenade Blank M1909, which dates from around 1912.”

Vlad, I agree with Astrid that yours is a normal M1909 blank of the period. The early CRG blanks, of which only one in Woodin Lab existed to my knowledge, and that with a 1917 headstamp, had a black wad. Too little information has survived, and I suspect that the special powder charge they used quickly rotted the cases as it did on the later CWG and CRG blanks.

Disclaimer: Since I haven’t collected 30-06 for the best part of 20 years, more information may have come to light….

Chris P.