30-06 M1917 Tracer Boxes

I just got another M1917 tracer box for my collection and comparing it
with the others I have, I noted that all three labels are different.

The first box is Lot number 137 from Aug. 25th, 1918
The second one is Lot number 263 (top label with date is missing)
and the third one is Lot number 272 from Dec. 16th 1918.

Are these all or are there more variations ?
I am still looking for a M1923 Tracer box, does anybody have one for trade ?



The one in the upper right is Lot 16.



Hi Heavyiron,

lot number 16 is the lot number of the powder, the cartridge lot is
partly hidden under the X in the lower right corner of the box.
What I can see of it, the last number is a 7.
can you pls give me the complete lot number.
Yours is the same as the top one in my picture.


Hi Dutchman,

I looked at the lot number with a magnifying glass and still can’t determine the lot number beneath the X.

Your box and mine are slightly different. Mine says the charge is 45.5 grains of powder and is dated August 2, 1918 F. A. Primer 7. Your box says 44 grains, I believe.

I don’t know if the X is an accident or not. It looks like the old lot number was crossed out and a hand written 110(?) was substituted in place.

Sorry, that is the best I can do.


Well noted on the different grains. hadn’t caught my eye yet.
mine is 44 grain and top label says primer number 3 or 5 (barely readable)

The last box in my picture has much more info on the top label like
Loader, Inspector, Machine etc etc.
Interesting to see how often the changed the labels on these boxes

Thanks !!