30-06 M2-AP Spam Can ID?


Saw this on GB. Hoping someone might have an idea on age/ manufacturer?


Dont know the exact date, but the CMP was selling these spam cans of Enbloc ammo around 2010. I Bought one (wish I had bought more) and my ammo was all A.Y.R. 55 (Norway under contract by Rauforss) headstamped. It was Berdan primed, and it is said non corrosive, But I only use it in my bolt guns.

Without seeing the lot or opened can who knows exactly what is inside


Just realized this is listed as 5 round stripper clips so early WW2? I defer to those with more knowledge on this


Although some may have been packed in 5 round clips for use with the BAR into the 1950s, this is most likely WW2 vintage. The marking font and colors seem to be standard US, not some allied nation. Deliberate covering of the lot number makes me think someone is not eager for a buyer to know the true vintage, which I think will be still corrosive primed.
Fine for shooting as long as you clean promptly and thoroughly. Probably not a lot of collector value.