30-06 MATCH 175 Grain

I have a white box of 30-06 MATCH 175 Grain Bullets. The box reads the following:

20 cartridges
30-06 MATCH
175 Grain Bullet
Non-Corrosive, Boxer Primed
Unfired U.S. Military Brass
Manufactured in the U.S.A.
These cartridges are intended for use only in arms of good condition originally chambered and designed for this cartridge. TALON Manufacturing Co., Inc. disclaims any responsibility for any damages or injuries resulting from reloading and the use of reloaded cartridges.
TALON Manufacturer Company, Inc… 575 Bevans Industrial Lane, Paw Paw Virgina 25434

The box has a bird over a square filled with smaller squares and says TALON below that.

Upon opening the box on the lid there is a serial number ending with a WF1||. The head stamp on the ammo is LC 67 MATCH. I am told by a US Army sniper that this was the ammo they used in the sniper rifles during the Vietnam war, he said they shot allot of this stuff back then. I was told the WF in the serial number stands for white feather. Does anyone have any additional information?

There is more than one businesses using the name “Talon”. I believe that Talon Manufacturing Company in VA remanufactures military type ammunition and that is probably what your box is.

White Feather refers to a real life American Hero, Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock USMC, a sniper during the Viet Nam war.

You should be able to Google both Talon and Carlos Hathcock for a lot more information.


I was told that the TALON company that you can find today is not the same one that manufactured this ammo. I know the TALON company today made a white feather ammo but I do not believe that it the same as what I have. The TALON we see today was incorporated in 1987 the ammo pre-dates that.

Talon RE-manufactures ammo. They take old ammo, pull the bullet and primer then re-loads the old brass and projectiles. So I would think that all the brass and bullets TALON uses pre dates the company.