30-06 Match

I have two 30-06 Match rounds. One with the h/s of F A 33 NM the other F A PM 33.

I assume that the 2nd one is for Palma? But why two Match loads for the same year? Differnt conditions at the ranges, differnt bullet weight??? Or is the PM not a match round?


I think that the:

National Matches were fired at 300-1000 yards

International Matches were fired at 300 yds

Palma Matches were fired at 800, 900 & 1000 yds

The PM round in 1933 was 172 grain M1 type smooth GM jacket and 9 degree Boat Tail. Rounds loaded to an overall length of 3.4 inches.

The NM round in 1933 was the M1Ball cannelured bullet

Hope this helps (and that I’ve got the info right, although if I’m wrong someone will post a correction, I’m sure)

For years the Cal 30 M1906 was THE premier match cartridge for all US service and civilian shooters and teams. But as of 1992 the 30-06 is no longer a Palma legal cartridge. Only the 7.62x51 and 5.56x45 can be used in US Palma and only the 7.62x51 can be used in International Palma competition. While the’06 is still legal for other competition it is seldom seen on the firing line.

Some phases of the National Matches are fired at 100 and 200 yards, and International Matches may be fired at either 300 yards or 300 meters.


Here is a list of 30-06 FA match rounds I can find in my collection. My old pc contained the “key” or cartridge # and description for each cartridge on a list…well it went KAPUT! Now I must find some time re-do it…

FA 3 09
FA 20
FA 21-R
FA 30 R
FA NM-24 PIC below

  • FANM29 [*=Star] PIC below
    FA 32 NM
    FA 33 NM
    FA PM 33
    FA 35 NM
    FA 36 NM
    FA 37 NM
    FA 37P
    FA 38 NM
    FA 39 NM
    FA 40 NM
    FA 57 MATCH
    FA 58 MATCH
    FA 59 MATCH
    FA 60 MATCH
    US FA 1906-56 [172 gr special boatail, special match load for compitition * = ordnance bomb symbols] pic below


To complete any '06 Match cartridge collection you need an FA 61 MATCH. That is the last year of FA production. LC took over after that so you should have one of them too. :)

Just curious - how did you determine that the FA 3 09 and FA 20 cartridges were Match?



Im trying to collect all of them :)

If memory serves me right I bought them from the Chris P years ago who all ready had them marked that way…


Steve, I am not a .30-06 collector as most know, ( I collect it’s Grandmother, the .30 Army !! aka .30-40 Krag )and like Armourer said, someone will chime in if I am incorrect, but, should you not also have: F A I&P and REM-UMC 30-200-06…and maybe a couple others which I cannot seem to think of right now…Chris P., where are you ?..Randy


That is just a list of the FA rounds I can find so far in my collection. I do have the REM-UMC 30-200-06 round.


More 30-06 match,

WCC 60
LC 65 NM
LC 66 NM
REM-UMC 30-200-06 [See pic above]

Your, US FA 1906 56 is not mainly a match loading. In 1956 Frankford Arsenal made a run of brass with this H/S for the 50th aniversary of the adoption of the .30-06 cartridge. Both ball and dummy rds. were made, with both plain brass and nickle plated examples being noted.

Steve–Do you have “History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition”, Vol. 1 by Hackley, Wooden, & Scranton? They have a 12 page section listing all the .30-06 Match rounds through 1939.

In Vol. 2 of HWS, they report that Frankford Arsenal produced 465,000 cases headstamped “F A 41 NM”, but before they were loaded as Match ammo, they were instructed to load the cases as standard M2 Ball and distribute them for normal war use. As of the writing of Vol. 2. (1978), no specimens had been found using this headstamp.


No I dont have any of that series…wish I did! Along with Chris P’s book. I just need to take the plunge and order! Do they still have re-prints of Vol1 and 2?

I had read about the FA 41 NM round and that no h/s had been found, but I did not know the whole story until you just told me. I will be interesting if a case turns up!