30-06 Military Black Primer


I came across a black primer on what appears to be a military ball round round with a headstamp F A 29. I dont think is is a reload. I have been looking through Wooden’s book; but, I am not able to find any black primers on a ball round, just a dummy round. Any help, Please?

Hello Joe

You should move your question over to the General Discussion forum since that is where most questions are asked and answered.

But, what you probably have is a cartridge where the dark primer seal lacquer was applied extra heavy and covers the entire primer. That, and a natural darkening of the brass due to age, very likely makes the primer look as though it is black.

Here’s one where the sealant covers half of the primer.


Thank You Kindly Ray. I dont know how i got lost posting that question. I dont do it that often. I’ll pay more attention next time. Take Care, joe