30-06 "no co"

Greetings all, I have an interesting 30-06 round with the headstamp W.R.A. .30 G. 1906 , there is a large gap in the 1 to 4 oclock position where the " CO" was omitted from the headstamp, in Dan Shueys W.R.A.Co. book Vol 2 on page 279 there is a list of “Known Specimens” with the No, “Co”, the 30-06 is not on that list , so what do I have ? an exciting new specimen or did the 30-06 just not make it to the Book, is the 30-06 with no "Co’ well known . thanks Randy

The WRACo 30 G… headstamps with the “co” removed is not well known and I have only heard of (but not seen) one other so I’d listed it in the “exciting” category. I did not have one in my collection. It is one that many people (myself included) would overlook while rummaging through junk boxes so I don’t know how rare it actually is.

Dan doesn’t list it in his book and Gerry Marcello didn’t list it in his “30-06 We Have Seen” either.

Can you post a photo of the headstamp please.

Chris P.

Thanks for your reply Chris, I will do a photo, I am only a biginner with the digital camera that I borrow, I must buy my own and get better, Randy

Hello Randy and Chris…If I have my head screwed on right today…the W.R.A. headstamp, without the Co., was used for a VERY short time, at least in the case of the Krag, and evidently the '06 also, my guess being from about 1932 to about 1935, at which time the W.R.A. headstamp was replaced by SUPER SPEED. I have three Krag cartridges with the W.R.A. 30 ARMY headstamp, all different bullets, and have seen one other, which was a dupilcate I sold. I have never seen these cartridges in a box, but would assume they came in the typical red, white, blue Winchester box ( I have several Krag versions of this box, but all contain W.R.A.Co. .30 ARMY cartridges) used from 1928 or so to 1935 or so, then being replaced by the yellow, red, blue 1935 series Super Speed box.


Your post turned on a dim light in my head.

I think I have several of those 30-40 W.R.A. cases and/or cartridges carefully hidden away in one of a gazillion cigar boxes. I know for sure that I have one because it’s in my hands right now. W.R.A. 31 loaded with a fmj gm bullet that looks like a GI issue M1 or M2.

Have I got something rare? Is it worth going thru boxes to look for others?


Randy and Ray–Unless I am confused, are you both talking about W.R.A. (Centered at 12 o’clock"? I got the impression the .30-06 being discussed was with the W.R.A. off center towards 10 o’clock due to the removal of the “Co.” from a normal W.R.A.Co. bunter. If you are talking about the centered W.R.A., I don’t think they are all that rare, especially the W.R.A. 31 that Ray mentioned. At least I have seen quite a few of them.


Yes, the W.R.A. is centered on both the WRA 31 and the WRA 30 ARMY cases. So they weren’t made with an altered bunter.

And I can confirm that they are common. Very common. I looked through just one cigar box and found 9 of them (both headstamps).

But it does beg one question. Why “W.R.A.” without the “Co.”??


Was the “WRA 31” a military load? If so, which branch of the military would have used Krags in 1931?

Sorry all…I wasn’t clear on the fact that the .30-06 that started this thread was headstamped with an altered bunter, leaving a “gap” where Co. would have been. I should have read more carefully…
Ray, you may have a few of the W.R.A. .30 ARMY, but they are not encountered often as this headstamp was only used a few years…can you please send photo so I can see which bullet is loaded…Thanks !!
The W.R.A. 30 , 31, 32 on Krags are quite common and were made for National Guard use…Randy

Thanks Randy, I thought all the Krags would have been long gone by the 1930s.


Here’s a quick photo.

Left is W.R.A. 31 with what appears to be an M1 bullet. Could this be a NG cartridge?

Center is WESTERN 29. FMJ. I was told that this is definitely a NG cartridge.

Right is W.R.A. 30 ARMY. GM jacket with a very small soft point. Appears to be a 180 grain bullet but I’d have to pull it to be certain.

If the W.R.A. 30, 31, and 32 are NG cartridges, what bullet should they be found with? I have several NPE cases W.R.A. 31 and W.R.A. 30 ARMY along with a bunch of loose CN and GM 220 grain RN FMJ bullets. Could the bullets go with the cases?

I have never been a fan of the 30-40 and definitely not a headstamp-hunter but this danged Forum is turning me into both. Just what I needed.

Any help you could give in answering these questions would be appreciated.


Hi, Ray…
Thanks for the pic…
The W.R.A. 31…I have not seen loaded with this bullet as a factory load…they came in the typical W.R.A.Co. brown box with black lettering, label date 8-30, and were loaded with GM jacketed FMJ Round Nose 220 grain bullet. As far as I can determine, W.R.A. 30 and W.R.A. 31 were supplied as both loaded rounds and M3 blanks, and W.R.A. 32 were supplied only as M3 blanks.
WESTERN 29…Came in a white labeled box with black lettering…I believe I once sent you a pic of the box…Yes…NG issue
W.R.A. .30 ARMY…Yes, it is probably 180 grain…This was a Western designed bullet with flat base…they also made 220 grain bullets with exact same nose profile and boat-tailed base.
I would like to have a W.R.A. .30 ARMY NPE case, as well as a W.R.A. 31, as I consider NPE cases to be individual specimens…so let me know what I need to do to get one of each!!
Check around in your stuff…I am also looking for M3 (no bullet) blanks with WESTERN 32 or WESTERN 35 headstamp…


Thanks for that info.

I sent you an e-mail.