30-06 'one piece cartridge'?

I bought this item recently and was wondering as to its use and identity. It has the external dimensions of a 30-06 cartridge but it seems to have been turned from solid brass. I’m not sure if the ‘bullet’ is a separate item but the base has been bored out rendering most of the thing hollow.

Any ideas as to where and when it was made and for what purpose?

Happy collecting, Peter

Hi Peter,

I have similar ones but they are one piece and made of a zinc alloy.
One has flutes and the other one is plain. Acc to Chris P. they are of
unknown UK manufacture. Can you read the remains of
the headstamp of your cartridge ? It looks like there is a star at 6 O’clock
in your picture.
nice find


Peter –

I know of no written evidence for this, but I have heard from several sources that these were made locally as emergency drill rounds for use with the P.17 rifles issued to the Home Guard during WW2.