.30-06 "Peters 30G1906" w/Speer "Plinker"


I think it is a reload, because the primer is raised a bit, but may also be an experimental. Any thoughts?



Appears to have a Speer “Plinker” half-jacketed bullet. Likely a reload.


An experimental what?
Just a reload.


The .30-06 was for a time called the “.30 Government 1906”, hence the headstamp.

I imagine Peters was an ammunition manufacturer.


Ditto. Speer 100 gr. “Plinker” bullet. When did this bullet first appear in their product line? I’ve used them since the 1980’s as I recall…



They’re still makin’ 'em.


I know the Plinker goes back at least to the late 1960s, as I was using them then to load .30 Carbine.


This bullet was announced as “new” in this add dated June 1961:

This one is dated February 1965: