30-06 Purple plastic dummy

30-06 Purple plastic dummy with brass head. All non magnetic with no rattle?


I have added as of 10/02/2015 an xray of the base. 70Kv and 3.5 second exposure digital dental x-ray.


acc to Punnett 30-06, most likely a late WW2 Frankford Arsenal experiment.
Have no further details



When you get time, tell me where in his book, as I do not seem to find it.


Edit: I found it in the back under “Unknown Origin”. Chris says, supposedly a Philadelphia company made them for Frankford Arsenal in about 1945, unconfirmed.

Thanks for leading me in the right direction Rene.

All my .30-06 notes are in Woodin Lab but I don’t believe I discovered any new information on this dummy since publishing the book. Maybe we will all find out from HWS Vol 3 !!!

X-ray added 10/02/2015.

Joe; As usual, Punnett is correct. HWS Vol. III, Chapter 5, Cal. .30 Rifle and Machine Gun Ammunition, page 136, including Fig. 163 says:

"In September 1946, the Ordnance Committee authorized the development of a plastic Cal. .30 dummy cartridge similar to the design of the German 7.9mm Ex.Patrone S (K) used during WWII (OCM 31009, 12 Sept 46) (Fig 163).

Although written confirmation could not be located, it has been reported that Frankford Arsenal experimented with a plastic dummy cartridge with metal head insert during this period. Two rounds have been examined, reportedly manufactured in the Philadelphia area for Frankford Arsenal. One has a purple plastic one-piece bullet and case body, and the other has a clear yellowish plastic. Both have identical brass head inserts about 0.254-in. long with a firing pin recess in the center of the head."

Fig. 163 shows a sectioned view of the solid dummy that Gene Scranton drew from an actual specimen, and it appears to be identical to the photos in your original post. You were very wise to include the X-ray of the base insert, because it matches Scranton’s drawing exactly. I think you have a real gem there, congratulations.

BTW, Vol. III is completely done (whew!) except for the final edit of the Index. It will probably be off to the printers in a week or two.


Thank very much for the info and the update.


Joe and Mel, great x-ray and information, thank you very much!