30/06 question

I would like to know why this remington made case has that groove on the base.


–The primer had been struck with a screw driver,not with a strange firing pin–

Hi Pivi,

before the US entered WWII, Remington produced large quantities of 30-06 ammunition for the British.
This ammo was mainly used in aircraft guns which required this ring-crimped primers.

Later Remington requested and was granted permission to crimp all their 30-06
cartridges this way so they did not have to change equipment while making 30-06 for
either the US or the British.


And why is ring-crimping required for aircraft?

That’s because I have never found this groove on other brand cases

Thank you

I would like to know too the function of this groove in aircraft guns ammo

If a primer pops out and jams a ground MG, you can clean and clear the weapon and return it to service fairly quickly. The same procedures are very difficult, or impossible, for fixed aircraft mounts.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

These ring crimps will also be found on cartridges made in 1917 and 1918 by the US Cartridge Co and in 1918 by Peters (I need one of these).