30.06 question

Seen a few 30.06 armor piercing “black painted tip” rounds at a show with the same headstamp: LC 68 Match Could they’ve been authenic or bogus reloads? Tom from MN

According to HWS Vol. III, the last Cal. .30 M72 Match cartridge officially designated for National Match use was Lake City Lot LC 12230, loaded for the 1966 matches. However, .30 M72 components (unprimed cases and bullets) were made by Lake City into the late 1970s for loading by Army and National Guard rifle teams.

Who knows, maybe some Army or National Guard rifle team had some “LC 68 MATCH” cases and loaded them with AP bullets. Vol. III makes no mention of any .30-06 match cartridge with a black-tip AP bullet or any AP cartridge loaded in a match case.

Thanks Mel