30.06 question

Was wondering, did any other place other than Frankford Arsenal ever manufacture Gallery Practice 30.06 ammo during the 1920’s and 1930’s? Or was Frankford the only one??

Not sure if it was still current as late as the 1930s or not, but in a slightly earlier period .30 caliber gallery loads were produced at the unit level with hand loading outfits. Jack

Were the 30-06 loads Gallery loads or Guard loads?

Hello All,
Here is a short range loading in a Remington case.
If this is supposed to be the Model 1919 Short Range loading, why is it in a 1918 dated case?
Is this a reload?
RA H 18
image image


Please see IAA Journal issue 521 May/June 2018 for an article I did on Gallery cartridges.

Rene’s article on page 23 of the current IAA Journal (#521) provides an excellent overview of gallery/short range cartridges developed by Frankford Arsenal and the variaty of projectiles that may be encountered with gallery cartridges…

One important point Rene covers in his article is that recovered and second-class cartridge cases were used for gallery cartridges which means the headstamp may not indicate the actual loading date for a gallery cartridge and cartridge cases origionating from private sector contracts for Cal. 30 cartridges may be encontered.


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Bullet moulds for the projectile used in the Model 1919 were commercially available from Ideal & later Lyman for many years, at least until 1970, perhaps later. It is not difficult to find one. My late friend and I cast many such bullets and loaded them (duplicating the load) for our own use. Any specimens that have post-WW2 headstamps are probably the result of home loading workshops.