30-06 Round

Ok team, I have another one for the experts. While going through my dads collection I came across this 06 round. The case was cracked and the bullet came out with little effort so I dumped the powder and noticed this stuff in the back of the bullet. I couldn’t find any information online, albeit I only have access to this phone right now. Anyway, I found that NC is National Cable & Conduit Company in New York but I’ve found nothing else. Is this an early tracer? See pictures and thanks!!

V/r Henry Hubbard
image image

National Cable & Conduit Company made .30-06 from WW1 are notorious for having bad quality powder which deteriorated and typically caused the cartridge case to corrode as well as the base of the bullet. So the bullet in the photo shows corrosion resulting from exposure to the powder and is not a tracer.


Thanks Mr. Green, appreciate it. I didn’t want to go scraping without knowing for sure. Now I did find another round that I’m also having a hard time with. Can you identify this?image image

V/r Henry.

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Plated case and a red base with red projectile means a Proof round.
High pressure so do not fire it. Used to test strength of new rifles.

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Thank you sir. I’m still new, but learning fast…

The NC is somewhat uncommon. Dump the powder & keep the case and bullet if you want to collect .30-06 you might have a hard time finding a good one

The problem with NC produced ammunition wasn’t poor powder but rather metallurgical problems. During the first war two M1903 rifles being used to test cartridges at this factory (not proof loads, just service ammunition) blew up, the second failure sending a fragment of the receiver into the chest of an employee. Jack

Don’t ever apologize for being “new”. We’ve all been there. There no elementary question that shouldn’t be asked. There’s a ton of folks here that will help take you to the next level. Visit a collector or two, go to a cartridge show…the hook might be set then

Ask away. You’re welcome here

Thanks pepper… been hooked a long time since my dad was a collector but being overseas for the better part of three decades has stymied my activities so I have a lot of catching up too do!

That said I did find the referenced cartridge in one of the archives here, in a picture, and it was said to be of commercial origin, this proof round…

V/r Henry Hubbard