30-06 sm

I have a question regarding the 30-06 made by Svenska Metallverken, I have one of the early rounds headstamped SM 30-06 it has a Nickel primer stamped SM on page 150 of Chris Punnetts excellant 30-06 book he mentions that factory loads with Brass primers usually have SM stamped on them, there is no mention of the nickel primer stamped SM with the SM 30-06 headstamp , so do I have an original early factory round , a reload, or a later production ? are they still concidered a rare round , Thanks Randy

Yes, they are still considered rare. I had not seen a nickel primer with the “SM” when I wrote the book (12 years ago !). By the sound of it, it is a factory load. I have no idea which came first - the brass or nickel primer with the “SM”. Good find !!!

Thanks very much Chris, Randy