.30-06 Special Dummy

All, I’m sure this will be very easy for someone to recognize but for some reason I couldn’t find exactly what this one is. Seems like some commemorative but from when and for what? As usual, thanks.
image image

Interesting. I could be completely wrong, but it doesn’t look like something Frankford Arsenal would have made; their commemorative cartridge for the 50th Year Anniversary of the .30-06 Cartridge is quite different than that one, in almost all aspects of the cartridge.

John Moss

I’m 99.99% sure this is not an original Frankford Arsenal headstamp. Instead, it has been applied by a laser. I doubt that anybody was doing a fake, to deceive some collector for a profit, but instead as some sort of replica or unique commemorative. It looks like the base of the case may have been machined down to remove the original stamped headstamp.

It was in an old box and hasn’t been looked at in 30 years. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I guess I came to the right place to figure it out. It doesn’t seem to be a laser impression but I’m no expert by any stretch of the word. If there are any other measurements I can take let me know. V/r Henry

Almost looks like something Steve Fuller might have had made.

Pete - I think you are right, as I have mine in a group with some other .30-06 commemorative rounds Steve made up for the CSSA (WSCAA) for a couple of the meetings. Not sure it belongs there. I have had it for some time, and since my collection of “novelty” cartridges is a secondary thing, only added to when I happen across one and not a point of serious study for me, I have forgotten where or from whom I got the round.