.30-06 Springfield


A local garage sale kindly provided me with these 3 boxes (scan #1). The top box has a projectile comparison in the back (scan #2). Unfortunately (or not), the boxes contain a mixture of different .30-06 including military, so I can’t rely on cartridge looks because them may not belong to a box. May someone walk me through the difference between “pointed soft point” and “pointed soft point cor-lockt”? I see that pointed soft point cor-lockt one is heavier but can’t tell if both have expansion serations around the tip.


Vlad - Remington’s description on the box pictures you posted (the yellow-color back of the box where all of their bullets are described) says it all. I am not a hunter, so I can’t tell you what is hype and what isn’t, but the descriptions tell you accruately Remington’s stated goals for having more than one type of soft point projectile, whether in actual use each bullet performs as stated or not.

John Moss