30-06 tip colors

30-06 tip colors:

  1. For the US 30-06 military was there a standard for the color of tips which indicate what type it was?

  2. It seems each country has its own code. Does the color transfer from the 30-06 to the other US military .223, .308?

  3. Then does the color transfer to US rounds that are designated NATO cartridges?

Yes, Yes and Yes. As far as I know, US color codes and NATO color codes are the same.

Of course there are probably some exceptions.


(1) Yes and no - depends on the time period - they changed the “standard” at various points. (eg: Tracer)
(2) Yes and no - depends on the time period and the country (eg: Argentina)
(3) If you are asking about the 30-06 DURING the period when NATO rounds existed the answer is yes.

Remember the .30-06 has been manufactured for over 100 years in 50 different countries - there ain’t no such thing as “Always” and “Never” !!!
Chris P.

Could I get a short listed? color and meaning? Vic


Go to the Home Page and click on Intro to 30-06.


Ray: Thanksfor the information , as much time I have spent on this site I have never gone there. Vic