30.06 to 22cal MG Adapter Section

30.06 to 22cal MG Adapter Section


Just when I think you have run out of cartridges to section, you come up with another.

Great job, as usual.

The Cal .22 Cartridge Holder was designed for use in special MGs and was not really a Cal .30 (30-06) adaptor. Also, they were used in fabric belts, not links.


I have the bottom half and understood how it fired now with the top half how could it fire?

When the Browning machine gun loads a cartridge from the belt (fabric of metallic link), the gun pulls the new cartridge backward out of the belt while extracting the fired round, and then on the forward motion the cartridge is fed into the chamber.

The .22 caliber adapter uses a friction fit between the rear “cartridge” section and the front part. As far as the gun knows, it is pulling a cartridge when in fact it is only getting the rear adapter portion. The front section remains in the belt (thanks to the link piece connecting two of them at a time) and just feeds on out as if it was just the empty belt.

Quite ingenious.

And those bicycle chain link-looking things are harder to find than the adapters. Jack