30-06 tracer OR?


I have a 30-06 round with the Austrian headstamp OJP 111 59
it has the remains of red in the primer annalus and some orange colour still showing on tip.
When the projectile is put near a magnet it snaps to it .
Have been tempted to pull the pill and have a look, may be A.P. with a trace element, OR ?
Any suggestions, Terry.


Terry, I have never heard of a tracer on an OJP case - but there is always a first time. Can you post a picture of the bullet and casemouth?? The majority of OJP ball rounds have a red annulus so this is not significant.

Hirtenberger loaded tracer for a very small contract in circa 1971 but they declined to identify the customer. This had a GMCS jacket so it took a magnet. Since HP took over OJP in 1964/65 it is possible that they used old OJP cases but unlikely given that it is a military load… Chris P.


Came amongst other rounds, do not know its providence, reload or??? was just putting a magnet to a lot of 30-06 rounds to see result, some magnet sensitive that are unmarked or that I thought they should not be.



Do you know any one with a X-ray machine?
Vet, Dentist?
You could x-ray the cartridge, and quickly determine if it is real or a fake.


I’m afraid I can’t make out the crimp and neck markings on your photo - any chance of a clearer photo?

It does look reloaded in that the primer annulus color does not extend onto the primer and there is what looks like a chamber/resize mark on the neck but I can’t be sure with this photo.
Chris P.


Chris, Yes I believe it is a reload, out of my study in the bright sunlight
using a 10x you can see where the case has been full length re sized
showing a definite mark 1/8 of an inch above the extractor groove
and where the seating die stopped is visible on the neck.
I pulled the projectile and it has a neck seal, blackish colour applied,
it is a tracer, no more magnetic [after checking] than any other tracer .
Looks very professionally loaded right down to the primer type and the neck seal.
Remembered the person I obtained this and some other
military rounds from, mostly French and all around the early 60’s
I think they were souvenirs he had picked up somewhere.
I will gently tap the projectile back into place as I pulled it with a kenetic puller so no damage, and list it as a re loaded tracer, possibly the only one I have knowingly ever seen, but I have never really looked before, and if this one had not jumped up to my magnet it would still be listed as a tracer.

Both pulling the bullet and re fitting the bullet was extremely hard, making me suspect that this was factory loaded.