30-06 Triplex?


I have what I thought was a 30-06 Triplex long neck but now I’m not sure. Its h/s is WRA 56 with a flat brass primer, and a full ring crimp. It doesn’t appear to ever have been fired or reloaded, but the cartridge only weights 361 grs. and there isn’t a cannelure at the junction of the shoulder and neck or any other place on the neck. I’ve looked in Chris Punnett’s book and at the article on IAA forum about these cartridges and can find nothing that looks like this. Does anyone have any ideas?


Carolyn, A dental X-ray of the cartridge neck will answer your question. Ask the technician to bump up the exposure a bit over a normal tooth X-ray. This will not only tell you how many bullets you have, but also what their shapes are.

There are also IAA members who have their own X-ray machine or have instant access to one. They are used to X-raying ammunition, and I know that at least three read this forum. They may offer to X-ray your cartridge if you ship it to them. Mel


Lets see if I remember how to post pics and maybe they will help you

duplex short neck, notice where the stab crimps are

duplex long neck, notice where stab crimps are

triplex long neck, and where these stab crimps are, (but the top case which I did not get it all in the picture, has stab crimps but you really have to look hard to see them, beats an xray for me, hope this helps


I forgot to mention one thing if I shake the cartridge I don’t hear any powder in the case. My husband looked at the area were the cannelure should be (under a 10x loupe) and there isn’t any indication of a cannelure ever being there. The crimp that is by the mouth is just a taper to the cannelure on the bullet it isn’t segmented. Is there any possibly that this could be a dummy even though there are no holes in the case?
Thank you Carolyn


My husband pulled the bullets and there were two and no powder. the first one weighted 110 grs. and the second one weighted 60 grs.