30-06 two-piece projectile

Saw this image on the web and I’m curious as to the 30-06 round. I had a quick look in my references and couldn’t find any info. What type of projectile is this?


See United States Protected Point Bullets by Ray Meketa, IAA Journal #445 pp 14 - 16

Quote from the Ray’s article-
“Various forms of protection were applied to the bullet point to
streamline it for better ballistics, to prevent damage during
handling, recoil and firing, and to assist in the upset or mushrooming
when used for game shooting.”

Bronze tip… Common in Remington hunting loads.

I can add that this is a 150 gr variant with additional cannelure for identification vs. the 180 gr variant. However, not all 150 gr loads are identified this way and projectiles offered for reloading are also found without cannelure.

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Thank you all for the reponses.