.30-06 "UMC 7-10" with Thomas bullet

The sticker says “.30-06 Match 172gr.Thomas bt UMC 7-10 Logan 65.”
What exactly is Thomas bullet? A “regular” .30-06 with a normal ogive is below for ogive comparison.

An experimental pointy bullet. From HWS vol 1 p.117:

“In 1909 and 1910 some experimentation appears to have been done in connection with the Union Metallic Cartridge Co. contract loading (for match use) with the Thomas pointed bullet… At least two different bullet weights were tested: 150-gr and 172-gr.”

Vlad - keep your eyes out for the three volumes of HWS, as they are a very valuable resource for US ammunition. I got my copy of volume one from @PetedeCoux. @Mel produces volume three and was kind enough to track down a copy of volume two (with the addendum) for me. I’m sure they are out there somewhere…

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Email sent.


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Dixie Gun Works has new revised copies of HWS Vol. 1 in stock: https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/1083

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Mel has copies of ALL THREE volumes for sale as a set. I think he will also sell volume 1 or 3 separately, but Vol 2 is out of print and bringing silly high prices, so he will only sell those as part of a 3 volume set.

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I bought vol. 3 from Mel last year, but didn’t find any indication that he had either of the other two volumes (maybe that has changed since then). The only source I could find for vol. 1 at a reasonable price was Dixie Gun Works. A new revised copy was less on their site ($50) than used copies of the original edition on sites like abebooks.com. I would recommend finding the revised edition if at all possible due to the significant number of changes made.

If Mel has them, by all means get them there first.

Mel found my volume two when he was at the Wooding Laboratory. I believe that he collected what they had to be offered for sale IIRC.

Earliest ad announcing the Thomas Pointed 172 gr load (published June 24, 1909):


I believe Thomas was the works director or plant manager for U.M.C.Co.

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