30.06 value

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I picked up a cardboard box of brass at a yard sale. It was like 3,000 rounds for $20… It had, 30-30, .270, 308, 257 Weatherby and 30.06. I starting sorting out what I wanted to reload and trading the rest. However, I just got to the 30.06. Some of it seems pretty old.

I was wondering if the .06 brass has any value or should I get rid of it.

LC 40’s, 50’s, 60’s.
SL 40’s, 50’s
Den 40’s
FA 30’s, 50’s 60’s match
Super and Super Speed
WCC 50’s
WRA CO 30 G 1906
BN 3 40
DM 40’s
WRA 57
VE BD 2-58 7.62
TE D 3 58
VE D 2-58 7.62
TW 40’s 50’s
RA 42
DM 42

Thanks for any help

This should be on the buy / sell / trade forum

If it’s just brass, for most of us it’s not of any great value unless we reload. Most, if not all collectors / historians want un-fired, complete rounds.

Some of that like the WRACo 18 (1918) or 30 G 1906 are early, so someone might want an example of the headstamp to fill a hole until a complete round is obtained, but I can’t even guarantee that.

The WRACo 18 was also made as a .270 WCF, so you might want to check that.

Also I’d think the early brass not having been annealed would not reform well for reloaded.

Sorry, about the wrong forum. Thanks for the info. I didn’t want to discard it if it was of some value to someone.

Someone might want some of it, so who knows. Perhaps you would do better on a re-loaders site?

Do check on the WRACo 18 being a .270 W.C.F. or a .30-06

Well I reloaded what I wanted. I doubt anyone would want a bag of that old brass. Just didn’t wanna throw something away that might be of collector value to someone.

Rather than throw it away, at least take it to your local scrap dealer (along with your other discarded brass if you reload a lot). Better than going into a land fill etc.

Did you check the WRACo 18 to see if it’s a .270 Winchester or a 30-06?

Pretty sure it’s .06

Ok just wanted to be sure.