.30-06 We Have Seen Volume 3

.30-06 We Have Seen Volume III- by Gerald Marcello. Overall excellent clean copy inscribed by the author to Morris Pixley, an old time cartridge collector.

I have volume 2 & 3, I don’t think there was ever a volume 1 was there ?

Yes, it was a small, softbound book, almost like as pamphlet.

And there is also a 15 page supplement for Vol. II.

The B&W images of box labels in Vol. II were terrible, just horrible. Jerry was not pleased to say the least since all the books had been printed. so he had the printer do the box labels again, correctly, and gave that away to buyers of the book as a free supplement. People who knew Jerry well were not surprised that he would do that to make things right.

Amen to Mel’s comments. Jerry Marcello was one of the truly great gentlemen that have graced our hobby. It was always a pleasure to have him visit at my house, or to visit him in San Diego.

John Moss

Indeed he was a very nice gentleman and was also free with his extras to collectors new to the .30-06.

Marcello volume I

Here are two snapshots I took years ago of Jerry’s cartridge room, which he built himself as a second-floor add-on to his house in San Diego. I wish I had taken more.

Nice Mel. Thanks

Looks like he has room for about 40 or so more boxes. Bet he filled it up.

He did. I do not recall any “wall vacancies” for boxes the last time I visited Jerry before he passed away. Those photos hold some go memories for me, Mel. Thanks for posting them.