.30-06 with black primer

Has anyone seen this one before? Another one I can’t find in books or online. .30-06 with black primer stamped F A 5 7

FA sometimes used blackened primers to note inert or dummy rounds if not holed or fluted.

This is loaded with powder though…

It could be an inert powder / or other material like perhaps salt or ?

Could be Pete, can’t tell without pulling it I guess. Someone said it might be some kind of proof load but I am doubtful of that

please have a very close look if you can see (remains of) the word INERT on the side of the case.
It should be a dummy round


Geeze, right in front of my face!! I can’t believe I missed that! Thanks a ton…

Man do I feel dumb right now.

be careful, the print isn’t that good and will disappear if you handle it too often


Roger that, thanks again…

Bumping an old thread. I have a round with “F A 3 10” headstamp, CN projectile and blackened primer. I have a second one with cracked neck so I pulled it and it has stick powder.


jestertoo, what your seeing is not really a blacked primer but a dark reddish annulus seal which was poorly applied to cover the whole primer. The inert chemically blacked primers from FA started in use in the1950’s, unless I’m mistaken.

Thanks Pete… So, what do I have? Model 1906 ball?