30-06 yugoslav blank

I would like to know if this 30-06 blank was made for the US market or someone else, or is it a special purpose round ,the headstamp is 30-06 NNY the cyrillic NNY is in the 6 oclock position , brass case, rose crimp with a bright Red mouth seal , brass primer, thanks Randy[/b]

PrviPartizan has a full range of “Military calibre” blanks for Re-enactors…just go to their web-pag.
This is a spin-off from their former large scale Military production of common calibre blanks, both for Yugo use and export.
Prvi will supply ( in Military quantities) any blank for which they already make a Ball case; and most of these will be the MG type (full profile long neck with star crimp.)
Some, such as the .30/06, have a normal (Ball) Case length, as they are predominantly used in Brownings, which don’t need the full profile for correct feeding, due to the Browning’s “retract from belt & direct chamber feed system”. They feed just as well from Garands and BARs.

Igman, the Former Yugoslavia’s other large producer,( Now of Bosnia) also makes a selection of Blanks, both commercial and Military.
Australia in 2000 bought over 50 Million rounds of .30/06 Ball and Blank from Igman (“IK 00”) for its M1919A4s in the M113 Carriers. We re-use the cases (Boxer Primed) for other, shorter Blanks after trimming. ( 7,7 Japanese, 7,9 Mauser, 7,62 Nato Long, and even 7,9 Kurz). We use the fired ball cases for making new .30 cal Blanks as well.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.