.30-30 Commemorative

I have just bought a Klondike Gold Rush Win 94 Commemorative. Along with this gun was a full box of .30-30 Winchester Commemorative, cartridges with standard factory head stamps “W-W”. I wonder if these cartridges in the original box should have a particular head stamp, like “W KGR W”, or “W Klondike W”, as some collectors told me. So far, I was unable to get any proof of special head stamp for these cartridges. Is anybody able to send pictures of existing particular Klondike head stamps ?
Many thanks.
Fass57 (it is my old Swiss army gun I use to carry for 25 years)

I discovered that some people amidst us behave curiously from time to time!

This question was asked to me last week by a good friend of mine (your correspondent) who wished to help you.

I took the time to check and to ask a competent person in the U.S. (which is too, an old friend!) i.e. George H. Kass, from FORAMMO… a specialist of headstamps, who gave me the answer that I already suspected,=no specific headstamps for theses rounds…

So I can see that as some people doubt about everything, and are not able to believe what you say to them, …even if it is obvious (!) when you try to help… next time, I will properly avoid to waste my time in answering uninteresting questions just for help…the way I have been fool enough to do for more than 40 years of ammunition studying!!!
No further comment will be necessary!

Ph. Regenstreif