30-30 empty cases

I just picked up an auction lot of 30-30 which I bid for the other content but there were 2 empty cases with head stamps that I have never see.

#1 a brand new 30-30 case with the head stamp F C 30 AMERICAN. I have never heard or seen the designation 30 AMERICAN on a 30-30 case.

#2 a steel copper plated berdan primed empty case. Probably it was a loaded round with bullet and powder pulled. With head stamp N I C .30 - 30.

No. 1 is a .30-30 Winchester case with small rifle pocket primer. It was meant to be used as a basic case for a series of wildcats in 6 mm, .25, 7 mm and .30 calibre.

No. 2 is a Chinese made “NORINCO” brand new primed empty case.



Thanks Fede, I figured that #2 would be easy to identify but the 30 AMERICAN had me really scratching my head. Thanks again.