30-30 Win - Flare round


This unfired round has a headstamp of “R-P 30-30 WIN” and feels like having a very light powder load. It is obviously some kind of a practice round, but it is not a military round. Do they “practice shoot” at deer?


It looks very similar to a line of flare cartridges I’ve seen, the “Karlyn Firefly”. They used fireworks composition inside a magnesium casing, launched straight up, and they produced a bright fireball as the casing and composition burned. I’ve got one in 308, and haven’t seen one in 30-30, but it makes sense to me that they’d load the same flare in most common hunting calibres.


Vlad–I can’t see the bullet end very well, but if it as I think it is and is a flat aluminium “bullet” the protrudes only about 1/8 inch, then it is a flare cartridge produced about 1965 or so for hunters to carry in case they got lost. These were produced by The Karlyn Manufacturing Corporation which were , if my memory is correct, in Seattle, Washington.


Yes, this is a Karlyn Flare. We used to sell them in our store, and had them in most of the popular hunting calibers, including .30-30, .243, 30-06 and others. I don’t recall having any or seeing any under 243/644 in caliber. We stopped selling them after several customer complaints about projectiles sticking and burning in the bores, although surprisingly I don’t recall any barrels being especially damaged in the process. Unfortunately, I don’t have any company literature for them to date the company or tell what their entire line was.


This is an old pack of Karlyn flares in 270 Win. that I carried in my hunting pouch back in the 80’s. They came three to a pack ($5.99). Package says “Rises up to 1000 feet. Visable for a distance up to 10 miles.”