.30 - 30 Winchester by RWS

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I would like to know when ( approx.) RWS started and ceased production of 30/30 Winchester ammo

RWS Schiesstechnisches Handbuch of 1934 does NOT list .30-30 (while DWM Patrone und Schuss of the same year does).

Pivi, do you have a picture of this cartridge? Does it have a nickeled primer cup with purple primer sealant?


no, I have an empty box, but the guy who gave me the box already has some of these cartridges at home, I will ask a picture or some other info.

I think it was made in the seventies. Green, 10-piece box

There is also “NEW! WITH ANVIL PRIMERS” written on it
FZ 7(?)6 N.Q
Packerin: 4322

JPeelen, it is not listed in 1955 catalogs too

Pivi, thanks for the extra information.

This cartridge is not easy to find because it was made for a short period of time. It was listed in Dynamit Nobel’s 1972 catalog with a note saying “In preparation”, and two different soft point loads are mentioned: 9.7 and 11,0 g. The next documentation I have is a brochure published in 1979, but this cartridge is not mentioned anymore, nor in any other subsequent catalog. Also, this caliber was not included in price lists by Eastern Sports International when they were importing the full line of RWS Boxer primed (“anvil primer”) cartridges into the States, starting about 1977.




your box was marked in 1971.


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added info: nickeled primer, black sealant