30-30 Winchester Loads

My son, who is an avid reloader, asked me if I had ever heard of any factory loaded .30-30 Win. heaver than 170 gr. I quickly checked Dan Shuhy’s W.R.A.Co. book and my own U.M.C. listing and found only 100 gr. M.C., 117 gr. lead, 165 gr. M.C. and 170 gr. S.P. loads through about 1935. Yes, I know there have been many others, such as the Silver Tip, etc. since then, but, to my knowledge nothing heaver than 170 gr. But then, I seem to have a hazy remembrance of a special load by Dominion for the Inuit’s for seal and walrus hunting. As I recall, it was a 220 gr. S.P. Am are just getting addled in the head and no such load existed or am I right? Does anyone else remember this load, or ANY load heaver than 170 gr.

Ron, if you mean the “Sealing” cartridge by Dominion, it was loaded with a lead bullet weighing 170 gr.

I’m aware of two companies that at one point loaded .30-30 cartridges with a 180 gr. bullet as a standard item: Peters (Belted Non-disintegrating Open Point Expanding) and SAKO (Soft Point Full Jacket).

Fede-Yes, I was referring to the Dominion Sealing load. For some reason I remembered it as a 220gr. load. Do you have a link for more info on this load?

Thanks for the Peters and SAKO references.

I’ve wondered why heavier factory bullets were not offered in .30-30. Its ballistic near-twin, the .303 Savage, was commonly loaded with a 190 grain bullet, and was noted for its exceptionally deep bullet penetration in larger animals. I have loaded both 200 and 220 grain RN loads in the .30-30 on a lark, and they work fine, both of them shooting groups as tight as 170 grain bullets. That’s what I would use in a .30-30 if I needed the capability to shoot larger game with it (which I don’t).

Ron, I just noticed that an article about this “Sealing” cartridge was published in IAA bulletins 459 and 463.

FYI, Buffalo Bore currently offers a 190gr JSP.

I’ve seen handloaders use heavier pills (220gr for Krag I think?) but I have no idea how they perform.

According to John Witzel’s excellent work, DWM loaded a 200 grain soft point as well as UMC loading a 190 grain fmj. I have a box of the Sako 180 grain soft point ammo. I gave one round to a fellow member who pulled the bullet and it weight just 170 grains instead of 180. The lightest bullet loaded prior to Remingtons 55 grain accelerators was an 85 grain fmj.