.30-40 bullet help needed


I continue to sort through a pile of ammo I recently bought, and am now into the .30-40s. These two with hollow point bullets caught my attention. The person I bought the collection from stated that some had come from the Picatinny Arsenal, but none are identified as such, so I’m just a little more hesitant that usual to throw these in the reject can as reloads. The one on the left is headsdtamped F A 3 07 and has a small hollow in the tip of the bullet measuring about .050". The one on the right is headstamped F A 18, and has a copper protected sub caliber style primer. There is nothing obvious to me that would indicate these have been reloaded, but the bullet on the right does look like a bullet that might be found loaded in a .30-30 WCF or a .30 Rem Auto.


Hi, Guy…They don’t appear to be factory, but, who knows??? The F A 3 07 appears to possibly be a .30 M1906 bullet, which someone made into a “hunting” bullet (we’ve all seen a bunch of 'em)…and the F A 18 appears to be loaded with, just like you said…a .30 small round nose something or other…Any other “interesting” Krags in the bunch ???..Randy



There was not much other than standard looking ball and blanks loads. The seller had mentioned he had some .30-40 that had been altered to .25 caliber that came from the arsenal. I did not find these, but did find a couple that have been resized to take a 6.5mm (.263) full metal jacketed round nose bullet, but as they have commercial Remington-UMC and WRA Co headstamps, they are questionable as military work.