.30-40 headstamp variations

In the .303 headstamp thread, Lew had recommended collecting dated headstamps because of the many variations that can be found. For the .30-40 Krag collectors and general collectors, boxes of .30-40 blanks made from fired cases are a great source for new headstamps to add to your collection due to the mix that can be found in each box. One box I found had two variations of the July 1902 headstamp in it. FA had added the ‘A’ back in the headstamp that month, and initially used the same small size letters as were used in earlier months, but included two dots, after the ‘7’ and after the ‘02’. Some time later during the month, they changed to larger letters and eliminated the dots. Both headstamps can be seen in the picture, as can earlier and later headstamps.

Guy: So, then, is July 1902 the only month that small letters and numerals, with serifs, was used? Through June '02 small sans serif, post July large with serifs? Interesting! JG

I suspect that may be the case, but don’t know for certain. HW&S mention the ‘A’ being added to the headstamp in July, 1902, ‘using the small letters of the previous type’ with the dots, but don’t mention the seriphs. Perhaps this suggests that there is an un-seriphed small 7.02. headstamp that preceded the small seriphed headstamp in my box.