.30-40 Krag box


Why not to use .30-06 in 1928? What was so special about .30-40 Krag that they had to “newly manufacture” this obsolete cartridge?



Hi Vlad
These were for use in sub-caliber devices, fitting various 37mm guns (& I think other calibers). Usually made / found with wood around a steel barrel to fit the chamber of the desired gun. A solid steel devise wasn’t needed for this pressure so easier to use wood [at this time] around a steel barrel.


Pete is correct…these were used in a “mock” 37mm or other artillery “shell” made of wood and steel, which fit the chamber of the artillery piece, and also contained a chamber and barrel for the Krag cartridge. Notice that this round has a Monel primer, made to withstand the heavy blow of the firing pin of the artillery piece. These sub-caliber cartridge came in several iterations, these F A 28 being the last made. They most likely did not switch to .30-06 as the mock shells were already chambered for the Krag cartridge and would have been expensive to replace.