30-40 Krag Box


Here is a nice box just acquired for the collection…I assume this was made either before they created a dedicated box for the metal cased bullet ( a fairly rare box ), or, they temporarily ran out of the boxes for metal cased bullet and overlabeled the ones for the mushroom bullet.




That’s a nice one! I love the Express boxes with the trains. Is there a date code on that to know what year it is?



Metal cased bullet??



There is a code, of course, but it is hard to read…it appears to be "diamond"N03R"diamond"NR. Going by Dick Fraser’s info, this would translate to last half of 1936 or first half of 1937 ??..(can’t lay hands right now on the specific journal issue)…No “DuPont” on the box, but some boxes were used up after Remington became a DuPont subsidiary…


Here is the “dedicated” Metal Cased Bullet box…

The date code on this one is A 30 L…which should translate to 1930



Green Trains are cool…Blue Trains are REALLY cool…



Civilian/sporting version of the military FMJ bullet. Somewhere I have a box of “Metal cased bullet” Rem ammo for the 30-30 Win.
IIRC fur harvestors liked them, due to the reduced pelt damage.


Vic…Think “Full Metal Jacket”…“Metal Cased” was a term used extensively in the early years…These particular bullets are a 220 grain flat point…



TAILGUNNER, I am just now starting to specialize in odd 30-30,s. Could you post a picture of your 30-30 box with fmj bullets?


Sorry about the blurry end flap, it reads 30-30 WIN 160 Grain Metal Case Index 1230

The interior packing block is Styrofoam



Nice! That blue box is great!


Not anywhere near as cool as Randy’s killer Express boxes or even .30-40 for that matter, here is another .30-30 FMJ that is an earlier version of Tailgunner’s:

Date code from the second half of '55 and sporting a rubber stamped 1956 date.