30-40 Krag British Manufacture 1899

I have two 30 - 40 Krag manufactured by Kynoch, H/s ‘K C 98’ and ‘K C 99’. Can anyone explain why we were producing these rounds please?IMG_7258

Hello Ian,
Sure it is a typo error, but do you mean 30-40 Krag.

Yes, thanks Laurent, a typo will try and change it.

A contract by Kynoch.

HWS Volume 1, page 76:
“Various contracts were let for service ball ammunition throughout the history of this cartridge, particularly during the period of the Spanish-American War, 1898-99. Prior to the early 1900s such cartridges were normally commercially headstamped. One notable exception involved a contract let to Kynoch Ltd, Birmingham, England in 1898. This called for ten million rounds packed in zinc-lined wood boxes for use in tropical climates. Headstamps were K C 98 and K C 99. The K stood for Kynoch and the C for cordite, the smokeless powder charge used (NA 156, 8/12/1898 FA leter). Specimens bearing the 99 headstamp date have been examined which have a tinned case and primer.”

Thank you for the replies, I must say I was surprised that the British were supplying such a large quantity of these cartridges to the USA.