30-40 Krag bullet weights

Could someone please tell me the bullet weights the Frankford Arsenal used when they made 30-40 Krag military cartridges in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s? Thanks!

The usual load used a nominally 220 grain round nose jacketed bullet.

I know they made a 220 grain, purchased one yesterday that had a smaller one.??? Thanks John!

Photo of 3 cartridges I bought yesterday. Top h/s is F 5 02 middle and bottom are F A 8 05 Note the cannelure on top cartridge. ???

The marks in the bullet ahead of the cannelure suggests to me that someone pulled the bullet out a bit with something other than an inertia puller.

Could very well be.

The bottom two bullets appear to be Cole type 220 gr., made without a cannelure. The lower of the pair has had its bullet driven in a tad too far. The upper bullet is of the early type, with cannelure, and a slightly blunter nose. It is loaded too far out. Jack

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