.30-40 Krag Guard Load Box


Here is another recent addition to the collection…
Remington loaded these cartridges commercially and listed them in the catalogs ( I am looking for a commercial one with REM-UMC 30 USA headstamp). This commercial box was used for cartridges which were part of a U.S.Navy contract, let to Remington in 1917 for 3 million rounds. The headstamp is R A 18

The box filling date stamped on the bottom indicates filling on March 24, 1919

It is interesting that way back in 1904, it was determined by Frankford Arsenal that the 156 grain bullet did not seat far enough into the case and frequently became loose, so a switch was made to a 177 grain bullet seated more deeply in the case.Fast forward to 1917 and we are still making the 156 grain loading that didn’t work so well…