30-40 Krag Model 1898 ammo box


This one is un-open. Is it better to leave it this way?




Vlad…if not too faded, you should see a date stamp on the box top. The “For Model 1898 Rifle” designation appeared about 1903. The cartridges inside will be Paper Bullet Blanks, (white paper), with headstamp of F A Month, Year, like F A 6 03…



I can only read “Sept 15” and “LF”.


I have a crate full of this stuff. If I can find it, I will post a photo. It was full when I got it, although the tin liner had been opened. It was shipped to some college for the ROTC folks to use. If I recall correctly, it was circa 1907 and I think the cases had the line across the headstamp to denote reloaded cartridge cases, and there was a mix of dates.