30-40 Krag

Hello all,

I have a 30-40 Krag round live, H/S W.R.A.CO. 30 U.S.G. With what looks like a two pieice brass case and a c/n bullet. I think this is a multi ball 30-40 round. Any thoughts?

Sounds to me like a Scott Patent Multi-ball. The case has a much longer neck than usual (but standard case length), to contain the two bullets. A brass sleeve is swaged over the forward portion of the case to bring the outside back to proper dimensions.
The first three in the photo show the “standard” Scott Patent, section of same, and case for same.


Thanks Randy!

The 1st and 2nd in the picture match my round.


The Scott patent was also applied to the .303 cartridge. I had one in my collection. I no longer have my .303s, so cannot post a picture, but perhaps one of our “.303 friends” can. If anyone has patent papers, perhaps they could post a scan of them and make this a really good “Scott’s patent” thread.

Since Randy has a cut up example, how about some good photos/scans and the added info to turn it into a Ctg of the Month? This can be a group project if necessary.

I am always looking for more Ctg of Month submissions.

click on email button below and send photos as attachments.


John S. - that sounds like a great idea. Hope someone who has a Scott in .303 can add a picture of it, and also any pictures of patent papers for it. The Scott rounds are really an interesting concept, and worthy of a really complete and detailed “Cartridge of the Month” coverage.