30-7.63-7.65 Mauser/Borchardt plain h.s. question

Seems I have seen this before, but searching past threads has not yielded an answer. In the photo, on the left is the mystery - a plain h.s. U.M.C. of either a Borchardt or Mauser cartridge. Right is a Borchardt from an early (1916-1918) Remington-UMC box that was marked as Borchardt. Since the Mauser & Borchardt are essentially the same dimension, without provenance, I could only guess which the left cartridge might be. My primary question is; was the non-headstamp cartridge for export, a prototype, or just an early run? The earliest offering from UMC looks to be 1901, but the catalogs do not have illustrations from which to infer a h.s. until 1905. BTW they weigh in at only 0.1 grain difference, so the powder charge must be equal. Perhaps the slight difference in shoulder is a clue?
Thanks, Bob

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I believe that the unheadstamped, “U” primer UMC rounds are just an early run. Enough are found in various calibers in the US that I don’t think they were exclusively for export. Also, the lack of the headstamp does not indicate a Borchardt round only, nor does the UMC or REM-UMC headstamps signify a Mauser round only. In the UMC Log, while on one page they have columns for both the “30 Cal. Mauser” and the “.30 Cal. Borchardt”, each entry for both calibers is identical to each other, and made on the exactly same date.

Below are two UMC boxes, one marked specifically for .30 Borchardt and the other specifically for .30 Mauser. The headstamp on the Borchardt round is “UMC .30 CAL” while the Mauser rounds have no headstamp, just a “U” on the primer. This is the direct opposite of what is often said for these two UMC cartridges


The first entry for these two cartridges, by the way, is dated April 1899. In August 1899, the entry reads “changed name to 30 Cal.”

This UMC cartridge was identical and interchangeable for both calibers.

John Moss

Thanks, John. I am definitly not a UMC or REM-UMC guy! In fact I’m thinning out all the non-WRA stuff.
I have some non-WRA reference but missing a few UMC catalogs between 1896 - 1901, so wasn’t sure when it was picked up by UMC. I did notice the only differences was in pricing and case weight, with the Borchardt’s being less, no doubt due to the Mauser’s coming in [stripper] clips. Bob