.30 Ammo Cans

Posted for John Moss:

[quote]I found these two ammo cans looking through some stored items. I kept
them because they both had a locking mechanism to attached the cans
either to the mount or directly to the gun. I don’t really know which,
since our M1919A6 in the Army, even on the tripod seldom used, to my
memory did not have any provision for attaching an ammo can directly to
the tripod or to the gun. I have no other experience with the .30
Browning other than the standard M1919A4 with low tripod (not mounted on
the M1917 tripod) or the A6 on the same tripod or with the bipod. I
never was around any vehicle with a mount specifically for a .30. Our
tanks and trucks with ring mounts, and jeeps with pedestal mounts, all
had …50s on them. I know that you could put the .30 on the Jeep
pedestals some way, but never saw one mounted on a jeep.

I don’t know if these are scarce, or common as fleas. I don’t save
.30-06, so the markings were not of interest to me personally, but I
thought I would picture both cans for those interested in the markings,
since they are somewhat different.

John Moss


Nice WW2 ammo boxes (cans).

These are M1A1 .30 Cal. boxes, and as you eluded to, each has a tripod catch on the front of the box that was designed to fasten the box to the left side of the tripod of the M1917A1 machine gun.

I especially like the top box as the markings indicate the 250 rd belt was loaded with .30 AP M2 and .30 TR T10.

According to HWS Vol. 2, page 107, the T10 tracer was a dim ignition tracer with dim trace starting at 50 yds and continuing to 150 yds and then changed to a bright trace out to 1000 yds. The T10 proved successful in combat and was designated as the M25 tracer in the summer of 1945.


Brian - thanks for the information of the cans and the web .50 belt. Looks like both are very common items. Not worth the trouble of trying to trade them off. I can use the cans for brass or ammo storage. I am always running out of them, it seems. At my age, I am starting to poke into corners to see what I can get rid of from a lifetime assortment of things retained for reasons I have long forgotten.

John, email sent.