.30 AP M2 inconsistency

Another acquisition this week is a full 48-round bandolier of clipped .30 AP M2. It is in perfect condition and appears to be complete and original, including the cardboard end covers. The cloth bandolier is ink-stamped (in two places) as .30 AP M2 8 RD CLIPS EW-28152 When I got home I removed the clips to check the headstamps. All rounds are indeed black tip .30 AP M2s, but all are headstamped SL 53. I had expected to see EW headstamps. Any particular reason for the apparent mismatch of the bandolier stamps to the headstamp? Or is it more likely that someone switched the bandolier later?

Your guess is as good as anyone’s. Without the ammunition box and data card there is no way of knowing. During the height of the war effort, using incorrect cartons and etc. was fairly common but Lot EW 28152 is an early WWII lot number and certainly not consistent with 1953 ammunition. They could be a re-pack or a bubba-pack. Or, (insert your SWAG here).


Eau Claire was one of the WW2 era plants, and ceased operations around the end of WW2. Therefore it would be impossible for them to repack anything with their lot number if the ammo was made with a 1953 headstamp.

I vote for Bubba pack.